CAI Beekbergen bids for World Pairs

Every two years there is a World Championship for Horse Pairs. In 2023 the Championship takes place in Le Pin au Haras, France.

The last time the World Championship took place in the Netherlands was in 2021 in Kronenberg. Beekbergen is a candidate for the World Championships in 2025.

Beekbergen is very popular among pair drivers. Head of the Organizing Committee Mieke van Tergouw is a former Pair Driving World Champion herself and was a highly esteemed member of the Dutch team for many years. Now that she is no longer competing, she believes it is the time to organize a World Championship in her favourite discipline. “Every year we get the question why don’t we organize a World Championship here. I feel now is the time to do it”, she says.

The international equestrian association FEI is expected to announce in June whether Beekbergen’s candidacy will be honored. Budapest in Hungary is the other candidate.

CAI Beekbergen 2022 foto: Martin Holle