Ladies day

28 t/m 31 juli 2022
On Sunday ladies are the eye-catchers in Beekbergen.

Ladies Day

On our traditional Ladies Day all present ladies, guests and spectators, are asked to wear a nice hat.

On the exciting last day of the competition it is a festive and colourful view with all those beuatiful hats surrounding the main arena. The lady who wears the winning hat not only wins a price, but is also coming along on the carriage of the winner in the lap of honour.

In the promo village there is various catering, but you can also eat well at restaurant Foyer Riant!

During ladies day there is the traditional hat contest.

In Memoriam Jeroen Laponder Trophe

The winner receives the ‘In Memoriam Jeroen Laponder Trophy’.

Jeroen Laponder died unexpectedly on july 7 of 2006 at the age of 33. Jeroen was a board member of the Paardenspektakel Beekbergen and closely involved with the hat contest. With this trophy we honour and remember him.

4 dagen lang spanning & gezelligheid bij Riant Equestrian Centre!

Paardenspektakel Beekbergen

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