The worlds best drivers of the pairs and the four in hand will be competing in Beekbergen. For the pair drivers it is the last possible qualification for the world championshjps in Lipica in september.

One of the top favorites is Mieke van Tergouw’s pupil Martin Hölle. Martin is from Hungary and started his driving carreer with the single ponies. He became world champion in 2013. Now he is driving a pair of horses and often training at Riant Stables during the season. He is very successful with his pair of horses. This year he has won almost every competition. Of course he also wants to win in Beekbergen.
All the Dutch top pair drivers are also on the starting list. Including former world champion Harrie Verstappen and the new Dutch Champion Anthonie ter Harmsel.

<h2>World cup and European Championships</h2>
The four in hand are of course the ‘royal class’ of the competition. The world’s best four in hand drivers are coming to Beekbergen. The world champion Boyd Exell and Dutch champion Koos de Ronde will be competing. And also the famous American driver Chester Weber has travelled to Beekbergen. For the four in hand it is also a world cup qualifier.
Beekbergen is also a good measurement for the European championships in Gothenburg (end of august). All eyes wil be on a young talent, named Bram Chardon, the son of the famous IJsbrand Chardon. He won a silver medal on the Dutch championships earlier this year, and is an excellent marathondriver.