Today started sunny, but around noon while the demonstration of the young drivers was going on, it started to rain. That developed into thunderstorms. The competition was stopped at 14.30 h. Antonie ter Harmsel had just driven his dressage test. The initial plan was to resume the competition at 15.30 hours, but the conditions were still bad. Therefore the organisation decided to cancel the rest of today’s program and postpone it until tomorrow.

The programm for tomorrow is changed. The competition starts at 8.30 pm with the VIP class. Then we continue with the pairs, the category that got interrupted today. Rob Lommers will be the first of the pair drivers to start at 9.10 h. In the rankings Claudio Fumagalli is in the lead with a score of 40,18. The four-in handss will begin at 11.00 o’clock. The Para Euquestrians will start at 16.00 hours.

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CAI Beekbergen 2018 foto: Claudio Fumagalli

CAI Beekbergen 2018 foto: