The name Kruizinga is well known from the TV programm RTL transportwereld. But it is not a transport company. What they do? They are total supplier of all resources needed for your logistical operation. Like for storage, warehouse, workshop and transport.

Director Sjoerd Kruizinga is great lover of driving sport. ‘ I am a fan of the four-in-hands,’ he says. And that is no surprise knowing Bram Chardon is his son-in-law. ‘It’s a beautiful sport. I’m the neighbor of Riant, so of course my company sponsors this great event. We sponsor the water obstacle, because that is the most spectaculair obstacle of the marathon. I really like to watch the marathon.’ And does he drive a horse himself? ‘No, I can’t. If I want I’ll have a ride on the carriage with Bram,’ he says laughing.

Bram and IJsbrand Chardon are supported by Kruizinga as they travel to the World Championships in Tryon. ‘We supply all the resources they need in order to transport their equipment to Tryon,’tells Sjoerd Kruizinga. There will be packed an incredible amount of equipment and other materials. Would you like to see how they are going to do that? You can, because RTL transportwereld is recording it for their programm.